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Ultraviolet systems

An ultraviolet unit coupled with a sediment removal pre-filter is an effective way of controlling bacterial contamination in a water supply . The ultraviolet unit is sized according to the flow rate of the system and will need to deliver a UV dose rate of 40mJ/cm² to destroy the DNA of the bacteria.

Do I need an ultraviolet treatment unit?

You have a duty of care to provide a safe supply of water to anyone who may drink from your supply. If the supply is being used in a commercial way or is shared with another property then a risk assessment and suitable treatment is required by law; this is enforced by your local authority. Ultraviolet units are a cost-effective way of controlling bacterial levels in the water supply.

FWT design and build ultraviolet treatment systems for a variety of flow rates, from small households to large commercial units. These systems include a sediment removal filter housing, isolation valves, manual dosing port and drain port. We also offer bespoke installations designed to suit your requirements.

FWT recommend two ranges of ultraviolet treatment units; both are well made and offer different advantages. The Saphir range is a British made ultraviolet treatment unit, which uses standard fittings to ensure a long service life; it has a small chamber that makes it suitable for smaller installation sites. The Luminor is a Canadian unit which comes with a more client friendly interface and has more cost-effective additional items when alarms or external warning lights are required. We are increasingly finding that the Environmental Health Authorities are favouring alarms, especially when a unit is not in an easily visible location.

With all ultraviolet units a sediment removal pre-filter with a minimum of a 5-micron rated filter will need to be installed prior to the unit to ensure the water is clear enough for the light to penetrate. Ultraviolet systems are designed to be used at the point of use; once the water has been treated it is not best practice to store the water as it may become re-contaminated. If options are limited it may be possible to install the unit on the outlet of a storage tank although care must be taken in such a design.

FWT will size the filter and ultraviolet unit to the peak flow rate of the system. To work effectively the filter system will require a minimum of 2-3 bar pressure, if this is not the case (as with some spring fed systems) a booster pump may be required.

All UV systems require regular checks and an annual service to change the lamp and maintain the effectiveness of the system. FWT offer a full installation and maintenance service coupled with an annual reminder, if required. Most UV lamps and spares are held in stock for immediate despatch.

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Daro Saphir Ultraviolet unit flyer

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