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Pressure vessels

A borehole or private water system is made up of many different components and controls. Depending upon the requirements and application there may be different options or sizes of pressure vessel available. FWT only supply and install quality pressure vessels and switches, including Grundfos PV's that come with an extended warranty (body 5-years and internals 2-years from date of manufacture).

Pressure switches

For use with a pressurised system, normally either 6 or 12 bar rated, a pressure switch is used to detect a requirement for water and start the pump. FWT supply and install all kinds of pressurised pumping systems for domestic and commercial applications.

Pressure vessels

The pressure vessel is used to provide a reserve of pressurised water to limit the number of starts of, and wear on, the pump. The pressure switch will cut in when the pressure drops below a preset point starting the pump and cuts out when the required pressure is achieved.

FWT stock and install the vertical range of Grundfos GT, double diaphragm pressure vessels. We have found these to be the most reliable and cost effective pressure tanks on the market. Grundfos GT pressure tanks are long-life vessels ideally suited for controlling the pressure in domestic, as well as industrial applications, cold-water (drinking-water) systems. The large number of vessel sizes and types available make it possible to select the pressure vessel that best suits your application and system. 

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