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Private water supply
Abstract up to 20,000 litres per day
Reduced water bills
Installation and maintenance


FWT has over 20 years experience in installing and servicing borehole pumping equipment. Boreholes are an effective way of tapping into the water bearing aquifer below the ground and pumping the water to the surface, you can abstract up to 20,000 litres per day without an abstraction licence. FWT install service and maintain boreholes and pumping equipment for domestic use, country estates, Golf clubs, open loop ground source heat pump installations, whisky distilleries, farmers, and companies requiring a private supply for their own production processes or for irrigation. 

If you use a private borehole supply and require more than 20,000 litres per day you will need an abstraction licence. If the supply is in England you will need to obtain this through The Environment Agency, alternatively, if the supply is in Wales, you will need to contact Natural Resources Wales. FWT will be happy to assist you through the process to obtain an abstraction licence.



Investment and payback

With rising utility costs and water bills, installing a borehole is fast becoming a viable way to obtain ‘cheaper’ water for many people. Depending on water usage, boreholes are capable of generating a rapid investment payback, often cutting costs by up to 80% over a metered mains supply. Typically the drilling of a basic 60 metre borehole and installation of the pump, control system and connecting pipe work costs between £6,500- £9,000 with an annual running cost of £50-£600 depending on water usage, i.e. per cubic metre of water a borehole costs less than 1/10 compared to average metered water prices.
Below is a list of clients that we have installed boreholes for and who now benefit from reduced water costs:

  • Domestic users
  • Open loop ground source heat pump customers
  • Construction projects
  • Brewers and distillers
  • Dairy farms
  • Quarries
  • Food processors
  • Hospitals
  • Country estates
  • Arable farms
  • Agricultural showgrounds
  • Golf courses and sports grounds

Boreholes can also be used in conjunction with a ground source heat pump to provide both a private water supply and heat source for your home (please see open loop ground source heat pumps).

Borehole system main component parts and options

Please see the PDFs of the system schematic and main component parts below that highlight the main component parts of a borehole system and some of the options available when a system is being installed.

Maintenance and Service contracts

As well as the installation FWT offer extensive services to assist with the maintenance and improvement of existing installations, so you can be sure your borehole will continue to operate efficiently. Often costs associated with keeping a borehole supply running can be avoided by a regular service and check up.

CCTV inspection of existing boreholes: FWT is able to offer full colour borehole imaging to a depth of 180 metres in zero light conditions. Using our fully portable equipment we can access even remote sites and provide start-to-finish DVD footage of inspections, as well as a stills gallery of important features. Inspection is highly recommended for ensuring the integrity of, for example, borehole liners and/or walls, and invaluable for the investigation of obstructions/fouled equipment etc.

Servicing existing boreholes:

  • FWT carry a wide range of spare parts and controls along with suitable replacement parts ready for a rapid response.
  • Removal and replacement of pumps and other redundant equipment
  • Installing filtration, purification and monitoring systems
  • Borehole pump testing and yield analysis
  • Analysis of water quality with any recommendations for quality improvement
  • Skeleton management control documentation and assistance with risk assessments

Why choose FWT?

We do not compromise and design systems in line with industry best practice. For this reason we install systems on a minimum of 32mm pipe work that will cope with the flow rates required of a modern supply. The cables used in the installation will be of approved standards for the application, all water fittings used by FWT are WRAS (Water Regulations advisory scheme) approved including the sealed wellhead. Every installation is carried out by specialist engineers, so you can be sure it is carried out to the highest standard.

Further information is available

Basic Borehole Layout

Borehole Cross section

Main component parts of a borehole system

Step by step guide to installing a borehole

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