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Pump control boxes

A borehole pump is controlled from the surface, the controls should be housed in a dry frost proof building and will require an “un-protected” electric supply. There are many options with reference to controlling the pump, including low level cut out or run dry protection. FWT offer a range of controllers for single and 3 phase pumps, ranging from 0.37kW- 2.0kW (larger units can be built to order).

We offer both variable and fixed speed control units:

  • Fixed speed units pump at a constant speed regardless of the demand and are usually cheaper to install
  • Variable speed units pump at a fixed pressure up to the maximum flow rate allowing the pump to run slower when full capacity is not required potentially saving money on running costs, however, the initial investment is usually greater. (Please see variable speed control page)

FWT are able to design and build bespoke pump control systems for domestic and commercial pumping systems.

Each control unit is designed to meet your requirements and features high quality components; all units are bench tested under load prior to installation or shipping.

FWT standard fixed speed pump controls feature

  • IP67 enclosure (water & dustproof)
  • Quality motor control switch and contactor
  • Appropriate start/run capacitor (if applicable)

Optional fixed speed pump controls feature

  • 'Volt free' switching
  • Low level probe controller / interlock
  • Soft start or soft start/stop (can extend motor and pump life)
  • Under-voltage release
  • Run/Delay timer
  • Clear user display
  • Bespoke functionality for special one off applications.

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