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Your mains or private water supply may contain chlorine and a variety of dissolved minerals and metals, including iron, nitrates, chlorides and sodium. The water picks up most of these as rainwater runs over and through the land and dissolves them, although, some (in particular chlorine) are added by water companies. Reverse osmosis is the optimum way to rid your water of these impurities.

RO systems will remove approximately 95% of the contaminants such as chlorine, nitrates,lead, fluorides, bacteria, viruses and unpleasant tastes and odours. FWT supply and install reverse osmosis systems for home users, pubs, restaurants, window cleaners and larger industrial concerns.

Reverse osmosis systems, in their basic form, consist of a pressure pump, housing and the membrane. Water is forced into the housing and the pure water is collected and used for service.

The first step is to have the water tested, from the results we will be able to advise and design a suitable treatment system.

For large scale and commercial reverse osmosis systems please contact the office. Small domestic under-sink units can be installed easily with a designated drinking faucet providing a single treated supply at a relatively low cost.


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