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Basic Bacterial indicator test from £19.60
Full potable analysis
Nitrate testing

Water Testing and Analysis

FWT offer 2 ‘basic’ levels of water testing; our standard bacterial indicator tests are carried out in house and provide an indication for bacteria and guide levels for chemical or mineral contaminants, prices start from just £10+VAT per parameter. Our ‘potable water’ analysis is carried out in a UKAS registered laboratory and is a comprehensive water testing service that can be used either in isolation or in accordance with your private water supply risk assessment, this tests costs £240+VAT including all courier charges and usually takes around 14 working days. FWT also offer bespoke testing packages for legionella and swimming pools etc. Once the results of the test are available FWT can provide analysis and support along with guidance on the recommended treatment process if applicable.

NB When testing the bacterial quality of the water please store the sample in a cool place e.g. the fridge. The sample will need to reach the laboratory within 24 hours and we will provide clear instructions regarding the collection of the sample.

Basic indicator water test

Basic water testing can be undertaken in house; this will provide an indicative value for the test. FWT can undertake the following basic water tests:

  • Bacteria
  • Hardness
  • pH
  • Total dissolved solid
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite

Price £19.60 +VAT for bacteria and £10 +VAT for each additional test

Potable water test

For more comprehensive testing we use our testing laboratory, our most popular test is the potable water suite, this tests the sample for 24 chemical parameters in line with the potable water standard along with a count for particular indicator bacteria and TACC (Total Anaerobic Colony Count) at two temperatures that are equivalent to a body and environmental temperature.

Price £240 +VAT


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