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Fax: 01600 860 144
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Little Penarth
NP16 6QQ

Telephone: 01600 860 344
Fax: 01600 860 144

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Little Penarth
NP16 6QQ

Tel: 01600 860 344
Fax: 01600 860 144
Company number 1337705
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helpful information to assist us with your enquiry

  • General helpful info

Water treatment required or problem to be solved
Has the water been analysed or tested, if so please include a copy of the analysis

  • Borehole helpful info

What are your water requirements, quantity?
What is the water going to be used for?
Is the borehole drilled? If so, what depth?
Has the borehole been yield tested?
Do you have space for water treatment? Access to an un-protected electric supply? Drains are mains, private or soak away?

  • Heat pump helpful info

What stage of the project are you at?
Open loop / closed loop?
Have boreholes been drilled or is land available for the ground loop?
Do you have SAP reports?
Property size and heat loss calculations?
Do you wish the system to provide both heating and hot water?
What type of distribution system do you intend to install e.g. radiators or under floor?
Are you looking to combine the heat pump with other heating sources? E.g. solar thermal
Will it be installed downstairs/ upstairs?
Is the electric supply at the property capable of supporting a heat pump?

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