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1 x Pre built Saphir 3 ultraviolet unit 40L/min ready for installation

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1 x Pre built Saphir 3 ultraviolet unit 40L/min ready for installation:

The Saphir system is a compact, economical UV system that utilises commonplace single ended low pressure UV lamp technology.

All systems require a sediment removal pre filter of at least 5 microns (not included)

Standard Saphir features:

WRAS approved, delivers the required UV dose of 40mJ/cm2, Stainless steel housing, robust IP55 (water resistant) control box, long life UV lamp, maximum 10 bar pressure, lamp on indicator, easy to service, low running costs (less than 5p per 24 hours).

Sahir 3 ideal for a large dwelling:

1x 230V
Flow rate at 40mJ/cm2 40L/min
3/4" male BSP connections
High voltage 25W single ended UV lamp
Lamp life 8760 hours (Approx 1 year)
Chamber length 554mm

The system is assembled right to leftonto an untreated ply backboard which is approximately 600mm x 800mm with isolation and drain valves, however adequate room needs to be left to service the equipment in the future, this means that another 600mm needs to be left above the UV to change the lamp. The pipework is white 22mm John Guest terminated with a female BSP isolation valve each side. The filter housing is standard 20" housing (no filter included).

The filtration and ultraviolet unit will cause a pressure drop of around 1-bar, so a booster pump may be required prior to the filter system to ensure adequate pressure at the point of use. For more information please see our silent booster pumps (not included): Our silent booster pumps have in-built controls and work by sensing a drop in pressure, this means no additional controls are required and as no attic tanks are being used it should be feasible to simply install the booster pump on the rising main.

At the time of installation we would recommend a basic chlorination be undertaken just to ensure that all the pipe work after the treatment is sterilised.

An electrical supply will also be required; ideally this will be a non- switched fused spur 240V, although a normal plug socket can be used provision needs to be made so that the system is never switched off.


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